878-880 Elmwood


    The project site encompasses two adjoining parcels at 878 and 880 Elmwood Avenue located on the west side of Elmwood Avenue between Lafayette Avenue to the south and West Delavan Avenue to the north.


    Construction of a 3-story multi-family residential structure including 14 residential apartment units. The project would include off-street parking located at the rear, which would be accessed from the existing driveway located on the 878 Elmwood parcel. The existing driveway for the 880 Elmwood parcel would be eliminated with the combination of the parcels. A portion of the parking spaces will be covered where the upper floors of the proposed structure overhang the ground floor at the rear. This covered area will also provide space for resident bicycle storage. Bicycle storage will be provided and combined with other Traffic Demand Management (TDM) strategies will reduce vehicular travel demand and encourage transportation alternatives.

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    Address:878-880 Elmwood

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